Your Swing Band in Sicily


I Jumpin'up sono una swing band siciliana, composta da 8 elementi.

La band si forma nel 2005 a Palermo in Sicilia, con la voglia di ricreare il sound originale della musica degli anni 40 e 50, lo Swing, l'Old Rhythm & Blues, il Rock & Roll ed il Jumpin' Jive.

The Jumpin'up is a all Italian eight piece band. Most of the players used to play Rock 'n' Roll, Jive and Rhythm and Blues. The Band formed in 2005 with the aim to recreate the original hot sound of fourties and fifties tunes from jump blues to swing, rhythm & blues and jive.

Talented singer and the skilled players, double bass, guitar, trumpet, tenor and baritone saxophones, piano, drums join together in an exciting jumpin live act that with the help of their warm sun of mother land "Sicily" makes the coldest locations really HOT!!!

The band:
  • Tony Marino - voice
  • Giuseppe Montalbano - guitar
  • Andrea Di Fiore - doublebass
  • Giuseppe Vasapolli - piano
  • Carmelo Sacco - tenor sax
  • Nicola Genualdi - trumpet
  • Michele Mazzola - baritone Sax
  • Peppe Falzone- drums